What Is a Calorifier?


A calorifier is an apparatus used for the transfer of heat to water in a vessel using an indirect means. The source of heat is usually contained in a pipe or coil that is immersed in the water. This heating instrument uses the principle of thermodynamics, whereby water is heated above its temperature to be used for different purposes.
Q&A Related to "What Is a Calorifier"
A device that heats fluids by circulating them over heating coils.
this expressions are used on board the Merchant mariners on board a vessel. Boiler generates steam Calorifier heat water for bath and shower etc Hope this will give you some idea
Yes it can. It is all to do with surface tension. This is a thin layer on the waters surface where all the water molecules try to crowd together. If something is light enough it will
It is extremely important that the hot water heater or calorifier water heater is set to achieve a storage temperature of 60°C. Hot water should then be distributed to reach the
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