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Cline refers to a continuum that has an infinite number of gradations running from one extreme to the other. It is also the name of an American geneticist who was successful in moving a functioning gene from one mouse to another.
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Biology the gradual change in certain characteristics exhibited by members of a series of adjacent populations of organisms of the same species.
Linguistics (in systemic linguistics) a scale of continuous gradation; continuum.
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March 5, 1963 was the last day that Patsy Cline was alive. Patsy was killed in a airplane crash after a concert. Patsy and the crew of the airplane were killed near Camden, Tennessee
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1 Draw an oval and a curved line. Ad 2 Add another oval. This one should be slightly bigger than the previous one.
Cline - (n) the gradual change in certain characteristics exhibited by members of a series of
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A cline is a term used in ecology and biology. A cline is also known as an ecocline. Julian Huxley was the first person to use the word cline in 1938. There are ...
A cline is a noun that defines the gradual change in the distributional range of a population. This kind of change is usually correlated with the environmental ...
Patsy Cline's had two children; her first born Julia Simadore Dick is a wife and homemaker, mother of four and has one grandchild. Her second child Randy Dick ...
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