Cone Bearing Plants Called?


A cone-bearing plant is a plant that reproduces using cones. A cone in this case refers to an organ in the plant that contains the reproductive structures. The male cone produces pollen while the female cone produces the ovules.
Q&A Related to "Cone Bearing Plants Called?"
Cone bearing plants are mostly found in Gymnosperms such as Pinus, Cedrus, Picea etc.
Conifer: n. a plant producing naked seeds in cones, or single naked seeds as in
Most coniferous trees are evergreen, but a few have deciduous foliage. The Japanese larch (Larix kaempferi) produces 1 ½-inch-long cones and has narrow, striped, needle-like
Cone bearing plants reproduce with cones. Flowering plants reproduce by spreading pollen from the anther into the pistil. Source(s) Biology class.
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