What Is a Crystalloid?


A crystalloid is a substance that has the resemblance or features like those of a crystal. The word can also mean a tiny, mass of protein in a plant or a substance that forms a true solution rather than a colloid when dissolved.
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a usually crystallizable substance that, when dissolved in a liquid, will diffuse readily through vegetable or animal membranes.
Botany one of certain minute crystallike granules of protein, found in the tissues of various seeds.
resembling a crystal.
of the nature of a crystalloid.
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An isotonic crystalloid solution is typically used in volume replacement for the management of shock. The two most common fluids are normal saline and lactated ringer's.
(krĭs'tə-loid') n. Chemistry. A substance that can be crystallized. Botany. Any of various minute crystallike particles consisting of protein and found in certain plant
In patients who are hypovolemic (i.e. volume depleted as a result of hemorrhage, extreme diarrhea, etc. crystalloids are infused (an I.V. is started) to replace the lost fluids and,
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Crystalloidal is a word that is derived or obtained from the word crystalloid which in itself means a substance that resembles or has similar features with that ...
The word crystalloid refers to a typically crystallisable substance which when dissolved in a liquid diffuses readily through vegetable or animal membranes. It ...
The particles which passes through semi permeable membrane are called crystalloid. and the particles which doesn't pass through semi permeable membrane are called ...
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