How to Recover From a Fulkerson Osteotomy.?


1. Keep your affected leg elevated. Use two pillows to elevate your entire leg above heart level. This should be done as often as possible during the first few days after surgery. 2. Wear your knee brace. Your knee brace is designed to protect your
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The kneecap gets moved closer to the centre, to reduce the chance of it dislocating. This site had lots of info. Source(s) http://www.queenslandorthopaedics.com.au….
I had a McMurray osteotomy (hip), after a few years the plate and screws were removed, a period of 6 weeks was needed for the screw holes to heal before a total hip replacement, hope
The bone pieces usually heal in 8 weeks; strength and endurance take another 6 to 8 weeks. I let my patients decide any time after 8 or 10 weeks when they want the surgery on the
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Fulkerson procedures are kind of osteotomy. It is a kind of bone operation. Its goal is to re-align the tibial tuberosity. This can be used to cure chronic pain, ...
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