What Is a Good Diet Plan for Teenagers?


A good diet plan for a teenager is one that accommodates the growing needs of their bodies. A breakfast consisting of 1 large egg scrambled or fried and a lunch meal of chicken salad sandwich comprising of cooked chicken breast, celery, lettuce, mayonnaise and pita bread. Teenager should avoid eating junk food, drinking soda and eating sweets more than twice per week.
Q&A Related to "What Is a Good Diet Plan for Teenagers"
1. Take inventory of your refrigerator, and cut back on the junk foods in it. If you have frozen pizza or fried chicken in the fridge, get rid of it. As long as it's there, it's a
The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has a good plan online. See Related Links.
I have checked out every diet known to man but nothing worked as well as acai berry. I realize they say that pills do not work, nevertheless they certainly worked for me, and they've
If your university presents a weekly menu, take a few minutes to plan your meals.
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