What Is a Good Diet Plan for Teenagers?


A good diet plan for a teenager is one that accommodates the growing needs of their bodies. A breakfast consisting of 1 large egg scrambled or fried and a lunch meal of chicken salad sandwich comprising of cooked chicken breast, celery, lettuce, mayonnaise and pita bread. Teenager should avoid eating junk food, drinking soda and eating sweets more than twice per week.
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A nutritionist and your doctor can help you develop a diabetic meal plan that will provide you with the proper nutrition for good health and keep your blood glucose levels in check.
A healthy diet for a teenager is eating right according to the Food Guide Pyramid! If a teenager eats a balanced diet, he or she will be much more healthy than someone who does not.
You can try the Ultimate Diet's 7-Day Eating Plan.The plan adds up to about 1,700
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