What is a good weightlifting routine?


A good weightlifting routine varies from the different categories of weight lifters. For people who are just beginning it's advisable to start with a low intensity workout with a small number of sets and a high number of repetitions. This routine is designed to helps one develop muscle mass and condition one's major muscle groups.
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Monday - Chest/Triceps Tuesday - off Wednesday - Biceps/Back
a good song for a dance routine had to be something catchy, like 3 by britney spears. uno, something like that hope u found this helpful,
its always best to start and finish your routine with cardio....this gets the heart rate up and your body ready to turn what you've injested into muscle fiber. and it winds your workout
Basically just get all the major muscle groups. Whatever exercises they are willing to give 100% to. I think it would be better to do the same exercises over and over again so at
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