What Is a Heffer?


The exact use of the term “heifer” varies. In some regions, the term is used to describe a young female cow that has not yet given birth to a calf. In other regions, a cow may be termed as a heifer through her first lactation, after which she is considered a fully adult cow.
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A heifer is a female bovine or a young cow that is yet to give birth to a calf. Adult female cattle are called cows. First-calf heifers (heifers which have given birth at least once) can produce 7.5 to 11.35 litres of milk in a day.
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A Heifer is a young cow, the term (alt. spelling "heffer") is also used derogatorily for obese women.
A heifer, is a young, unbread female cow. I can be used as a term of enderment, in the farm communitty. Or, it can be an insult in the city, where people don't know beauty, when they
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A heifer cow is a young cow that has nevertheless given birth to a calf. It is pronounced as heffer. A heifer reaches maturity at the age of four years. It also ...
A cow that has not had a calf yet is termed as a heifer. The word is pronounced as 'heffer'. In most cases the cow is usually under three years of age and is not ...
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