What Is a Knapsack?


A knapsack is a bag that is made of water proof material and have straps carried from the back and mostly used for carrying camping stuff. They are normally very spacious to fit camping material and protect them from the extremes of the weather.
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a canvas, nylon, or leather bag for clothes, food, and other supplies, carried on the back by soldiers, hikers, etc.
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1. Spread an 18-inch square kerchief on a clean, flat surface. Don't use a delicate, decorative handkerchief. The fabric must be sturdy and hard-wearing so it doesn't pull or rip
n. a bag with shoulder straps, carried on the back, and typically made of canvas or other weatherproof material. See the Introduction, Abbreviations and Pronunciation for further
Knapsack, a bag strapped on the back and used for carrying supplies or personal belongings. No
The plural form for the noun knapsack is. knapsacks.
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Knapsack problem is a challenge in combinatorial optimization. It's name was originated from the problems facing someone who is controlled by a fixed-size knapsack ...
A knapsack is a bag having shoulder straps that is carried on the back and is usually made with canvas or other weatherproof fabrics. It is also known as rucksack ...
Backpacking refers to the act of travelling while carrying something in a pack on the back. A backpack, also known as a rucksack or knapsack, is a bag with shoulder ...
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