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Maypole is a pole painted and decorated with flowers around which people traditionally dance on May Day or Midsummer. It may be a semi-permanent feature that stands all year-round until it has to be repainted or replaced. It may also be a shorter, temporary structure.
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a tall pole, decorated with flowers and ribbons, around which people dance or engage in sports during May Day celebrations.
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A maypole is a tall wooden pole. It was erected as a part of various European festivals, especially on May Day or Pentecost. People hang colourful ribbons on the maypole and dance around it weaving the ribbons.
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A maple is a long wodden pole , people hang long colorful ribbons from the top of it children grab the ribbons and dance around the maypole weaving the ribons into a colerful design
1. Purchase enough webbing weave so that each ribbon is one and a half times the height of the pole. Use 1-inch wide webbing weave for short poles and 1½ inch wide webbing
1 Put the Maypole together. Unless you have access to a Maypole that has already been made for the purpose, you will need to make your own. Find a tall pole and attach ribbons or
also may·pole (mā'pōl') n. A pole decorated with streamers that those celebrating May Day hold while dancing.
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Maypoles may be bought at Beecham Close, Aldridge, Walsall, WS9 8U. For purchase of maypoles online, the webpage ...
In order to make a maypole, select a pole; Maypoles can be of most any height. Dig a hole with the shove, cut the ribbon so that they will be nearly the length ...
The maypole is normally taken as a symbol of prosperity. The pole represented the masculine principles of nature while the wreath at the top of the pole represented ...
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