What Is a Microscope?


A microscope is a very important scientific tool that has been used in many discoveries. It is a device that magnifies your view of small organisms.
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an optical instrument having a magnifying lens or a combination of lenses for inspecting objects too small to be seen or too small to be seen distinctly and in detail by the unaided eye.
(initial capital letter) Astronomy the constellation Microscopium.
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A microscope is a device used by people to analyze small particles that are too small to see with a human eye. It can magnify cells, bacteria or a number of other microscopic elements.
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A microscope is something used to view things that are too small for us to see with just our eyes. We can use microscopes to see cells.
The answer to the question "How do microscopes work?" varies for different kinds of microscopes. As science has advanced, microscopes have become increasingly sophisticated
Microscopes have either a mirror or a light source mounted on the underside shining up towards the specimen. A condenser focuses this light through the specimen, drastically sharpening
1. Remove any dust or other loose buildup from the exterior of the microscope by blowing on it with compressed air. 2. Clean any smears left by hand oils or chemicals by wiping the
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A microscope is a device that magnifies objects. A microscope is using for studying things that cannot be seen by the naked eye. A microscope provides powerful ...
A microscope is an instrument that allows the user to see things at a magnified level. A microscope can allow us to see things that are too small for the naked ...
Microscopic is a term used to refer to an extremely small matter that can only be seen by use of a microscope. It can also be used to describe any matter that ...
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