Examples of Monocot Seeds?


A monocot seed is the a seed with one cotyledon, the part that stores food required by the seed. The seed usually germinates, leaving the seed coat below the soil. The maize seed is a monocot seed; the opposite of a monocot seed is a dicot seed which has 2 cotyledons and the bean seed is an example of such a seed.
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Monocot are seeds that only have one cotyledon, such as the corn seed. The corn seed does have a seed coat, but it does not slip off easily as the bean
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Monocotyledon seeds are different from dicotyledon seeds in the fact that they only one cotyledon, but dicotyledon seeds have two cotyledons.
A monocot is a Monocotyledon, so-called because it has a single cotyledon (or, seed-leaf) in the embryo inside the seed. A dicot is a Dicotyledon, so-called because it has a two cotyledons
Monocots:1:a monocotyledonous flowering plant; the stem grows by deposits on its
Two somewhat different types of monocotyledonous plants are the members of the orchid family, such as the lily and the daffodil, and the cereal grasses such as wheat and corn. These
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