What Is a Mordant and What Is It Used for?


A mordant is a chemical substance used in gram staining to intensify a stain. A mordant such as Iodine will form an insoluble complex with the crystal violet or methylene blue and traps the dye in the peptidoglycan layer. Gram staining is usually the 1st step when a bacterial organism is being identified.
Q&A Related to "What Is a Mordant and What Is It Used for?"
Mordant is used as fixation to intensifying or deepening the staining action of crystal violet to the organism.
Iodine is the mordant in the Gram staining procedure. It is a chemical that can deepen the reaction of the other dye, crystal violet.
Well, you'd certainly hope that you didn't turn up any bacteria in the lungs and that if you did you'd hope they weren't Gram negative. That would almost certainly indicate a difficult
it acts as amordant for gram positive bacteria by inhancing the staining of crystal violate.
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