What Is a Mordant and What Is It Used for?


A mordant is a chemical substance used in gram staining to intensify a stain. A mordant such as Iodine will form an insoluble complex with the crystal violet or methylene blue and traps the dye in the peptidoglycan layer. Gram staining is usually the 1st step when a bacterial organism is being identified.
Q&A Related to "What Is a Mordant and What Is It Used for?"
the purpose of a mordant in the gram stain ' to make the flagella visible.
A mordant facilitates further interactions between the primary dye
( ′gramz ′stān ) (microbiology) A differential bacteriological stain; a fixed smear is stained with a slightly alkaline solution of basic dye, treated with a solution
The gram stain is a basic differential stain used to determine if a bacterial cell is gram positive or negative. Gram positive cells have a thick peptidoglycan layer that will trap
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