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A parador is a luxury hotel in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, usually located in a historic building such as a monastery or castle. Paradors are run by the Government and not by a corporation, corporate chain of hotels, or specific people.
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[par-uh-dawr; Spanish pah-rah-thawr]
a government-sponsored inn in Spain, usually in a scenic or historic area, that offers lodging and meals at reasonable prices.
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Paradors are those hotels in Spain that are owned and run by the state. When judged against comparable lodgings, the rates and programs are quite reasonable. They play a major portion of the county's lore and historical heritage.
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A Parador is a unique hotel in Spain. The Spanish Paradores are hotels for luxury accommodation in Castles, Palaces, Fortresses, Convents, Monasteries and other historic buildings
(păr'ə-dôr', pä'rä-THôr', -dôr') n. , pl. , -dors , or -dor·es ( -THō'rĕs, -dō'- ). A government-run country hotel in Spain
What is a Parador? Paradors are the state-run hotels that can be found throughout Spain; to visit Spain and overlook a stay at a parador is to miss out on a major portion of the country's
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The Spanish Paradores are luxury accommodation in Castles, Palaces,... ...
The Parador was founded by Alfonso XIII of Spain as a mean to promote tourism. ...
The Parador was founded by Alfonso XIII of Spain as a mean to promote tourism. ...
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