What are podocytes?


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regulates glomerurlar function
( pŏd'ə-sīt' ) n. An epithelial cell of the renal glomerulus, attached to the outer surface of the glomerular capillary basement membrane by cytoplasmic foot processes
Podocytes (or visceral epithelial cells) are cells in the Bowman's capsule in the kidneys that wrap around the capillaries of the glomerulus.1] The Bowman's capsule filters blood,
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Podocytes (visceral epithelial cells) regulate the glomerular filtration rate. They are located in the Bowman's capsule of the kidneys. They are characterised ...
The structure that possess specialized cells called podocytes is the Bowman's capsule. This capsule is located in the cortex of the kidney. The innermost layer ...
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