How Much is a Pound in American Money?


A British pound is worth approximately 1.65 dollars. I used this URL to find the exchange rate. The real question though is how many warm beers can you by with a dollar. Look here for more information:
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1.6779 US Dollars (USD) is equal to 1 UK Pound
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The exchange rate between world currencies is constantly changing. Recently the GBP has fallen significantly to the American Dollar. At time of writing the exchange rate is 1 GBP
1. Learn the symbols for American money and the British pound. If you don't know the symbols, you won't understand the rate of exchange converter. The American dollar is shown as
1 British Pound is equal to $1.59 United States Dollars.
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One British Pound (GBP) is worth $1.4963 in American money also known as United States Dollar (USD). The above exchange rate is as of March 9, 2010 and is subject ...
As anyone may know, there is no fixed rate for a pound in English money in US dollars. This is because, the value of the pound depends on its prevailing exchange ...
The dollar isn't worth too much right now. The English pound is worth $1.50. So it would take more US dollars to buy an item in England right now. ...
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