What Is a Quasi Partnership?


Quasi partnerships are in effect, small partnerships of a limited number of individuals which, although operating as a limited company. They are practically run as partnership between those individuals and such businesses were originally run as a partnership and later incorporated to a limited company. The term quasi' means almost thereby making a quasi partnership almost a partnership but without any contract agreement between the parties.
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A quasi-contract contract exists when one party has conferred a benefit on another; the party who conferred had reasonable expectation of getting paid; the party did not act as a
pref. To some degree; in some manner: quasi-stellar object. [Latin quasi, as if. See quasi.]
A quasi-crime refers to those offenses (not simply crimes or misdemeanors) but specifically any offenses which are not in the nature of an. actual. crime. Quasi-crime refers to a
Patent disputes arise all the time wherever a new technology emerges and lots of people see the potential for profit. Some examples: a) Howe versus Singer for the Sawing machine (
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