What Is a Tannery?


A tannery is a workplace where skins and hides are tanned.
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a place where tanning is carried on.
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A tannery is a place where animal hides are tanned to form leather. Animal skins are processed in a tannery. The process permanently changes the structure of the skin such that it cannot be reversed.
A tannery is a place where they treat, cure, and stretch animal hides. A tannery is where they take an animal hide, remove the fat, sometimes the fur if the hide will be turned into leather, and any meat. They apply a treatment to the leather to help it dry but not rot, and then stretch it out and treat it to make it soft. If you have a tannery in your area, which you should, simply call them and ask them if you can set up a time for a tour, they are usually more than happy to show you how they work and what takes place inside of one.
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