What is a Varicose seal in a man?


Having a varicose seal ( which is a blockage which does not allow sperm or some sperm to pass through ) does not necessarily mean he is sterile, it would depend on the severity etc. There still might be sperm passing out that can impregnate you.
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The procedure is call Endo Venous Laser Therapy and uses a small bore fiber optic to deliver laser energy to the internal structure of the blood vessel. The procedure is outpatient
The varicose veins are generally inefficient, dilated veins causing backward flow away from the heart. The abnormal flow in such veins causes stagnation. Removal of these veins only
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Varicose seal is a condition where there is an abnormal enlargement vein that drains blood form the scrotum. This swelling can be caused by a compression of a ...
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