What Is Administration Work?


Administrative work entails executing duties such as interfiling papers, answering incoming phone calls, booking appointments, and sometimes assigning different duties to employees. Although in most organisations these duties were mainly done by secretaries, currently this role is played by administrative assistants, because of the current technological development that are present in most organisations.
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This is work which involves the general management of the day to day operations of an organization. It includes management of personnel, finances, records and other logistics in an organization.
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An administrator is a person or group of people that run either a physical program or are the owner and main operator of a computer system.
Most organized societies have had some sort of formal public health services. The ancient Greeks, through the genius of Hippocrates, realized that a bad environment (such as swamps)
Become an Office Administrator Study a variety of subjects in high school . Become skilled at keyboarding and word processing, learn a variety of software programs, take a bookkeeping
1. Obtain at least a Bachelor's Degree in computer science or any health related field. To work as an RIS administrator requires interaction with many areas of a hospital or clinic.
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