What Is an Alkaline?


An Alkaline refers to a substance that has the properties of an alkali, contains an alkali or has a pH greater than 7. It also refers to an ionic salt of an alkali metal or alkaline earth metal elements.
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What Is an Alkaline?
In chemistry, alkaline refers to a substance that is basic in its chemical pH and can dissolve in water. Substances that fit this description can be referred to either as alkalis or alkalines. The term alkaline is also used for batteries and for various... More »
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The word alkaline is used in reference to compounds with a pH greater than seven. Alkalis are best known for being soluble bases. A compound with an alkaline property contains sodium and potassium in excess.
An alkali is a chemical substance that, when dissolved in water, creates a hydrogen ion concentration lower than 10-7 moles/litre. They neutralise acids and are effective at killing most bacteria.
Alkaline describes the nature of a base or alkali. They are substances that neutralise acidic solutions. The alkaline metals are in Group 2 of the periodic table and are ranked highly in the reactivity series of metals.
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All foods are acidic or basic. Alkaline is another word for base, or solution containing a pH less than 7.0. Most fruits and vegetables are alkaline. You can find more information
Features In its most basic definition, an alkaline is an ionic salt, consisting of a positively charged ion of either an alkali metal or an alkaline earth metal with a negatively
Make sure that you get a battery charger designed to recharge alkaline batteries. Rayovac, Powerstream and other manufacturers market chargers ranging from $10 to $50. Do not use
an improved form of dry cell using a base, or alkali, at the electrolyte
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