What Is an Example of Interpretation?


Interpretation means that one has assigned a value or meaning to a concept. People has different interpretations of different things. For example, a person could say something that they thought was harmless to another person, and the person spoken to might interpret their meaning as hostile.
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An example of interpretation is an interpretation function could take the predicate T (for tall) and assign it the extension (a) (for Abraham Lincoln). An interpretation is an assignment of meaning to the symbols of a language. The general study of interpretations of formal languages is called formal semantics.
In education an interpretation is defined as an activity that reveals meanings about our natural and cultural resources; others define it as a method of communicating ideas and feelings that help people understand more about themselves and their environment. In maths, interpretation is also called logic and is an assignment of meaning to the symbols of a language. An example is an interpretation function which takes the predicate T (for 'tall') and assigns it the extension {a} (for 'Abraham Lincoln').
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