What Is an Oblique Symbol?


An oblique symbol is a line with a sloping direction. This symbol is neither perpendicular, nor parallel, nor right angled. It is commonly used instead of €˜or' or to represent the word €˜or'. In other cases it can be used to represent words with the same meaning or items with the same meaning or which can execute similar functions.
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Butterflies are a symbol natures beauty. They cross all cultures in their symbolism. In Chinese culture, when a pair of butterflies are seen flying together, it is a symbol of love.
The cars were scattered obliquely throughout the intersection by the accident.
Obliquity:1:the presentation during labor of the head of the fetus at an abnormal angle; 2:the
This just means they did not make parallel lines converge to a point at infinity, the hallmark of Western "perspective"
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