Rubella and cmv igg tests positive.what does this mean?


Almost certainly means that you have had the diseases before (or been vaccinated against them) and your antibodies have been transferred to the baby. The fact that IgM is negative in baby means that the baby has not had the disease recently - so
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Hi, CMV is one of the most successful human pathogens, it can be transmitted vertically or horizontally usually with little effect on the host. Transmission may occur in utero, perinatally
The CMV IgG test indicates previous exposure to CMV. The CMV IgM test indicates a recent or current infection, in which case all vials are discarded. HOW IS CMV SPREAD? CMV is spread
A positive CMV IgM result is consistent with a current or recent CMV infection. A positive CMV IgG result in combination with a negative CMV IgM result indicates historic exposure
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