What is a "conniver?


Conniver means to cooperate secretly in an illegal or wrongful action; collude: Thank you for te...
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to cooperate secretly; conspire (often followed by with): They connived to take over the business.
to avoid noticing something that one is expected to oppose or condemn; give aid to wrongdoing by forbearing to act or speak (usually followed by at): The policeman connived at traffic violations.
to be indulgent toward something others oppose or criticize (usually followed by at): to connive at childlike exaggerations.
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Conniving is to cooperate secretly or to conspire against. Any more questions? We're here
attend, be aware, pay attenion.
(kə-nīv') intr.v. , -nived , -niv·ing , -nives . To cooperate secretly in an illegal or wrongful action; collude: The dealers connived with customs officials to bring
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Conniving people cooperate secretly to oppose or criticize others. The meaning of conniver is to cooperate secretly in an illegal or wrongful action; collude or ...
Connivance is defined as the act of willingly allowing or being involved in immoral or illegal acts. It can also be defined as the fact of conniving; knowledge ...
Conniving is the act of secretly cooperating, colluding or conspiring in an illegal or wrongful action. It is the failure to take measures against wrong deeds, ...
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