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Cumbia is a musical style and folk dance originating from Columbia. Cumbia began as a courtship dance that slaves participated in. Cumbia is said to be representative of Columbia.
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[koom-bee-uh; Spanish koom-byah]
a type of Latin-American dance music of Colombian origin, similar to salsa and using guitars, accordions, bass guitar, and percussion.
a dance performed to this music.
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1. Check out your local area listings for Cumbia classes. Places that offer salsa instruction often will teach Cumbia as well. Taking a class doesn't usually require a partner and
The first step in learning to dance cumbia is becoming familiar with the steps. The dance is in 4-4 time, each step that you do will be in accordance with a beat. An instructional
Cumbia is a Latin-American dance among African slaves on Colombia's...
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Dancing Cumbia is all about the rhythm. Once you master the rhythm, it is easy to move to the beat. The basic rhythm in Cumbia is 4-4 time. You just count 1,2,3 ...
Mexican Cumbia is a type of musical subgenre Colombian music genre called Cumbia. This subgenre was mainly re-invented in Mexico and it's very popular throughout ...
Cumbia is Colombian genre music. The word Cumbia is an African word 'cumbe' from Guinea meaning dance. Cambia has its origin way back in 17th century and was brought ...
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