Cyclogest pessaries drugs are hormonal therapy drugs that contain the active ingredient progesterone. The drug is either taken rectally or vaginally and supports the hormone levels of the patients undergoing fertility treatment. The drug mainly seeks to restore normal functioning of the reproductive system.
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You don't ! Tablets are intended to be swallowed - not inserted !
Q. I conceived naturally after 4.5 years of marriage. When I went for an ultrasound to confirm my pregnancy, it was good as fetus had heartbeat. The doctor advised me to start Loprin
I had an IUI to become pregnant also, I used prometrium, which is about the same thing as what you are taking. Progesterone is a hormone that naturally occurs in your body but with
I took progesterone aswell, nothing happened, I had some spotting of brownish discharge, but my baby was born healthy as can be, Just ask him he is 3. LOL. M.
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Cyclogest can delay your period for a number of days. Cyclogest is contains progesterone as the active ingredient which is essential for the normal functioning ...
Cyclogest does not contain HCG. It is a natural progesterone supplement which comes in a pessary appearance for insertion into the vagina. It is mostly used to ...….…. It is the position of up your butt, and that's no stage joke, ...
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