How to Clean Silver Flatware.?


1. Place a piece of aluminum foil at the bottom of a non-aluminum pan. The sink works well for this step. 2. Fill the pan or sink with two cups of hot water. Place a tbsp. of baking soda in the water and mix with the water. 3. Place the silver
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This is silver wear made of investment grade silver as opposed to sterling silver which is 92.5% pure (Hence the 925 marking) It may or may not have been made from silver sourced
The best thing to do is get it appraised and if you still have the certificate of authenticity, that makes it even better. You can also do it yourself online if you know the maker
Hello Ernest. Other than the fact that the two pieces were made at different times (because the dies for the back are different), there is no difference at all between the two pieces
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1. Rinse the flatware under hot running water to remove loose debris. Use an extra-soft toothbrush to remove any dirt from deep carvings using gentle pressure. ...
How much silver flatware is worth depends on wide variety of factors. Such factors include the age of the flatware, the condition the flatware is in, and the current ...
Sterling silver flatware is flatware that has been made of an alloy of more than 92% silver and usually copper to make it strong. It may include spoons, forks ...
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