What Is Deposition in Geography?


In Geography, deposition is the process where materials like mud, sand, pebbles and silt are transported by the river and are eventually dropped. The process of deposition is linked to how much energy a river has which is determined by how much water there is in the river channel and how fast it is flowing.
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What Is Deposition in Geography?
Deposition a consequence of geographical erosion. Erosion is the removal of soil, rock or sediment from the landscape. Three processes take place during erosion: detachment, entrainment and transport remove the material from the land. Deposition occurs... More »
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Deposition geography is a study of coastal processes, particularly how the sea drops the sand, rock particles and pebbles it has been carrying when it loses energy. This occurs when the swash is greater than the backwash.
Deposition in geography is a process where a sea waves lose their force and drops materials that were part of their mass. This would include rock particles, pebbles and sand particles. This happens when a wave hits an area with shallow waters, a sheltered place like caves or when there is no wind.
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Deposition is basically making small pieces of rocks "travel" to different landforms or other rocks. Deposition can occur by ice, wind or water.
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