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A direct channel of distribution is where a producer sells the products to consumers without selling them through a middleman. It is where the producer sells directly to the consumer thus the producer meets the costs that the salesperson would have met and assumes all responsibility of marketing and attracting the customer plus any other obligations such as delivery if necessary. This method is suitable for technical goods such as ferries and planes which have to be installed and tested during the sale.
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What Is a Direct Channel of Distribution?
A direct channel of distribution is the method companies use to communicate, sell and deliver products and services directly to consumers or business customers. It is an alternative to an indirect channel in which companies market their products through... More »
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A direct distribution channel is where a company sells its products direct to consumers. While direct channels were not popular many years ago, the Internet has greatly increased the use of direct channels. Additionally, companies needing to cut costs may use direct channels to avoid middlemen markups on their products.
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Companies can use direct channels to sell to customers or accept orders from them. A sales force calls on customers and prospects to present information on products and persuade them
Distribution channels is a marketing method which gets business flowing from channel to channel. It is a way of introducing the business to people step by step.
The network of firms necessary to distribute goods or services
Direct Intermediaries- * companies can sell directly to consumers or retailers without intermediaries. it also includes reaching Institutional buyers. *Selling of product & services
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