What is a Dsl?


DSL stands for direct subscriber line. DSL is a digital data transmission service that runs over the telephone network lines installed in you area.
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DSL, Digital Subscriber Line, is a high-speed way to connect to the Internet through regular phone lines. Many people are finding advantages to DSL as opposed to the regular dial-up
Both cable and DSL have speeds of 1 Mbps to 2 Mbps. Some cable connections have speeds as high as 6 Mbps. DSL is distance sensitive, because the signals are carried on copper wires.
When the Internet was first popularized, there was not much of a need for high-speed, "broadband" Internet connections. Users could check discussion boards, send and receive
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A DSL (Digital subscriber line) is a type of modem used to connect a PC to the internet. DSL connections are much faster than dial-up Internet connections and ...
DSL is delivered through your telephone line, so as long as you have a telephone line that is enabled for DSL, no further wiring is required on the user end. ...
To speed up your dsl you have to contact your cable provider. They can sign you up or upgrade your services so that your dsl speed is faster. ...
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