What Is Earmarked Money?


Generally, you can classify an earmark as either a hard or soft mark. When Congress physically writes an earmark into legislation, the earmark is a hardmark. On the other hand, when an earmark only receives the recommendations of a committee, you
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What Is Earmarked Money?
Earmarked money is a sum of money designated for groups, organizations or projects in a certain area. In most cases, earmarks are a part of a larger piece of legislation or appropriation bill. According to "Earmarks: Budgetary Pork or Butter?" the... More »
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That definition was changed recently. Congressmen routinely ask for money for projects in their home districts, often wastefully and inappropriate. Even if it was wasteful pork, it
The best way, generally, is for the 501(c)(3) organization to contract with each donor including a reverter clause. This an issue called "enforceability of a restricted gift
PamPerdue. said: 3. Strictly, that Tax Foundation report is looking at total federal spending, not just earmarks. John McCain famously takes no earmarks for Arizona, but it still
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An earmark is an amount of money set aside for the use of a regional group or organization for a specific project in a particular area. They are usually provided ...
A congressional earmark refers to an element of a spending bill that allocates money for a very specific thing, like a given project, location, or institution. ...
The numbers for Sarah Palin's access to federal pork barrels are not known. However, it is known that while Palin campaigns against earmarks and pork barrels, ...
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