Fortified Wine?


Fortified wine is a type of wine to which a distilled beverage has been added. This wine is differentiated from spirits made from wine in that, spirits are manufactured by means of distillation, whereas the fortified wine is simply wine that has had a spirit added to it.
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fortified wine
a wine, as port or sherry, to which brandy has been added in order to arrest fermentation or to increase the alcoholic content.
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A wine is fortified when hard alcohol spirits like Brandy are added. The addition of the spirits raises the alcohol content of the wine and changes the flavor and character.
1. Add the yeast to the must, speeding up the fermentation of the juice. 2. When the must has around 3-5% residual sugar, add brandy to the juice. 3. Drain the juice, removing the
Wines are fortified by adding distilled spirits to them to increase their proof or alcoholic content.
Fortified wine is wine to which some kind of spirit is added (often brandy). This is as opposed to ordinary wine, in which all the alcohol is created by fermentation. Fortified wines
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Fortified wines are made by adding distilled spirit, generally grape brandy to alcohol. Different styles of fortified wine are made depending on at what point ...
Sicilian fortified wine is called 'Marsala wine'. It is named after the town of Marsala and is made from light white wine that is fortified with grape spirit. ...
Sanatogen tonic wine has cured many people, whom I know, of their mental disease. ...
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