What Is Halodrol?


Effects Halodrol is marketed as a hypertrophic substance, that is, one that triggers the fast growth of muscles. The product also promises to decrease fat deposits, especially around the belly, and also notes that men between 25 and 45 years old who
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What Is Halodrol?
Halodrol is a nutritional supplement taken to increase muscle mass, energy, endurance, and aerobic capacity. It is manufactured by Gaspari Nutrition of Lakewood, N.J. The company was founded by bodybuilder Rich Gaspari and produces a series of... More »
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Superdrol is a very active form of a designer supplement that is also highly
nt that is targeted at the bodybuilder and muscle enhancement market according to its manufacturer, Gaspar Nutrition. Halodrol contains a proprietary ingredient, arachadonic acid,
This is a complicated subject. The reason is because of one of the main ingredients in Halodrol Liquid Gels - arachidonic acid. Arachidonic acid was originally hailed (by the creators
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Halodrol is a nutrition supplement that increases muscle mass. The supplement can also help with endurance and energy. ...
Halodrol is typically known as a successful prohormone product in the supplement industry. Although old forms of this supplement were discontinued, Halodrol liquigels ...
Halodrol 50 is a muscle growth supplement. The active ingredients are androstene, chloro, and alpha methyl. The product currently has been discontinued and replaced ...
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