What Is Holistic Assessment?


Holistic assessment refers to a type of assessment that takes a more textured or rich approach to assessment. It is therefore used to gain an in-depth understanding of a particular case as it considers all aspects.
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Aristotle was the first to describe holism. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" In short, to be completely holistic you must see a person as more than just
Holistic assessment is used to judge the overall picture, rather than overfocusing on small parts. For example, the written portion of the GED is an essay. Scorers use a holistic
Pain (and healing) are closely related to stress and other external factors. Holistic health is an inter-disciplinary field of study that looks at the dynamic systems of the human
In my quest to find what truly builds strong and sustainable individuals, families, businesses, organizations, nations, movements, (anything worthwhile), I've come to believe it really
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