What is Indonesia known for?


Tourism in Indonesia. is an important component of the. Indonesian. economy and an important source of foreign exchange revenues. With a vast. archipelago. of more than 17,000 islands, [1] the second longest shoreline in the world, [2] 300 different
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Travel Alert: A recent earthquake in western Indonesia has destroyed buildings and caused major disruptions to Padang and surrounds. Travellers should check the BBC for news updates, as well as Safe ... More »
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Jakarta (also DKI Jakarta), is the capital and largest city of
Minahasan Foods, the signature dishes of Minahasan in Manado, consist of. Appetiser : Perkedel Milu (sweet corn fritters) Balapis (layered rice cake) Bagea Kenari (cake with canary
Major Earthquake Strikes Indonesia, But Damage Appears Moderate A major earthquake has shaken Indonesia's northwest island of Sumatra, prompting a brief tsunami warning and sending
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The currency in Indonesia is known as the Indonesian Rupiah. Only the Bank of Indonesia is mandated to issue and control the flow of this currency. It is subdivided ...
Indonesia. ...
The nearest major city to Krakatau, Indonesia is Jakarta. It is 80 miles away. Jakarta is known as the Special Capital Region of Jakarta and is the capital and ...
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