What is the Population of Israel?


According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the population of Israel is 7,411,000. The population is comprised of over 75 percent Jewish Israelis and over 20 percent Israeli Arabs. This countries population is expected to continue to grow. Look
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The population of Israel is 7,707,042 people.
Population Growth: 1.54
Population of:
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Approximately 7.7 million citizens.
The "rest of the population" consists of millions of people who each have their own opinions. So it would be hard to characterize a single view on the Ultra-Orthodox community
40.6% of the Israeli population are Jewish. The total population of
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On the eve of the 61st anniversary of its founding, the population of Israel stood at 7,411,000; 75 percent of it Jewish, up from 7,282,000 in the previous year ...
As of May 201, Israel had an approximated population of 7,746,000 inhabitants. The Jews formed the larger population of about 75.3% while the Arabs formed 20.5%. ...
544350. http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Society_Culture/newpop.html#ftn1. ...
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