What is Kernig's sign?


( ′kər·nigz ′sin ) (medicine) In meningeal irritation, with the patient lying face up and the thigh flexed at the hip, the pain and spasm of the hamstring muscles when an attempt is made to completely extend the leg at the knee.
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A positive Brudzinski's sign (flexion of the hips and knees in response to passive
Meaning symptom of meningitis patient cannot extend the leg at the knee when the thigh is flexed because of stiffness in the hamstrings Hypernyms(s) Kernig’s sign is a kind
ker'nig with the patient supine, and the thighs and knees flexed, the legs cannot be passively extended at the knees; a sign of meningeal irritation, specifically, involuntary contraction
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A positive kernig's sign is inability to straighten the leg when your hip is flexed 90 degrees. kernig's sign is used to determine signs of irritation of the meninges ...
Romberg's test is the ability to maintain an upright position without swaying when standing with feet close together and eyes closed. Kernig's sign, a reflex contraction ...
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