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Kid McCoy is famous for being a barnstorming boxer who used trickery and unpredictability to win over his opponents. His 'corkscrew punch was famous for the cuts that it inflicted onto the opponents faces. He spent eight years in the San Quentin Penitentiary for man slaughtering a lover of his. He committed suicide in the year 1940.
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Kid McCoy
Born: October 13, 1872
Birthplace: Rush County, Indiana
Died: April 18, 1940
Charles "Kid" McCoy was an American world champion boxer. He is also the originator of the phrase "the Real McCoy."
Kid McCoy got his nickname when he began prizefighting as a teenager under the pseudonym of Charles McCoy. He went on to become a popular barnstorming boxer, taking on all comers around the world for nearly 25 years. McCoy's 'corkscrew' punch was famous
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