Liberal Feminism?


Liberal feminism refers to the use of political and legal reform to gain equal rights for women. It is a form of feminism and theory, which focuses on women’s ability to show and maintain their equality through their own actions and choices.
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Liberal feminism is a term used to assert gender equality through legal and political reforms. This concept looks at personal interactions between men and women as the basis of transforming the society into a more gender equitable place.
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There is no liberal feminism or conservative feminism. There is simply feminism, and that exists to have both genders treated equally.
They both believe women face barriers, but they disagree on how to change this and what the causes are. There is actually more than one branch of radical feminism, but I'm just going
Neo feminist is when a female assumes or believes that females should lead and be more dominant in work, life, etc. than men. It glorifies a womanly essence over claims to equality
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