What Is Lubricating Oil Used for?


A lubricant refers to a substance normally introduced between the surface of two moving surfaces that reduces the friction, hence improving its efficiency and also reducing wear. It could also have the main function of dissolving foreign particles and distributing some heat.
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A lubricant is a blend of base oils and performance enhancing additives as required by engine, gear box and other application areas. Lubricating oil may be used as a diagnostic medium which carries wear debris away from the wearing surfaces. The main purpose of lubricants is to lubricate moving parts of the vehicle to reduce friction and wear and tear by providing smoothing, trouble free performance for increased length of time.
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The main purpose of lubricating oils is to reduce friction. Friction can reduce the speed of actions and also cause damage. For instance, lubrication added to gears will increase
( ′lü·brə′kād·iŋ ′öil ) (materials) Selected fractions of refined petroleum or other oils (with or without additives) used
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