What is Microsoft Outlook used for?


Microsoft Outlook is an email client that is exclusively included with the Microsoft Office suite. It is devised to function as an independent personal information manager, as an Internet mail client or in combination with the Microsoft Exchange Server for group arrangement, email and task management.
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Microsoft Outlook is used as a communication tool to send and receive emails across the internet. The application can also be used to manage tasks and contacts, organize appointments and various calendar items as well as to keep notes and journals. It uses a Microsoft exchange or Microsoft SharePoint server and is also used to check RSS feeds.
Microsoft Outlook is a communications and workplace productivity program. Computer users of varying skill levels and expertise use Outlook to send and receive email, as well as manage their calendars, personal contacts, tasks and to-do lists.
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The purpose of Outlook's journal is to keep track of what you did (in Outlook), when you did it, and who it involves. Think of it as a diary that keeps track of all of your interactions
Microsoft Outlook 2007 is a popular email client software and personal information management system, or PIM, from Microsoft. It comes as part of the Microsoft Office suite or as
Microsoft Outlook is mainly used for emails, however it also includes a Calendar, Task Manager, Contact Manager, note taking, a journal and web browsing.
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