What Is Misogyny?


Misogyny is the word that is normally used to describe the hatred of women by men. It refers to the despising of women and looking down upon their abilities. It may be expressed through sexual discrimination, denigration of women and violence against women as well as the sexual objectification of women.
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[mi-soj-uh-nee, mahy-]
hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.
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Misogyny is the hatred of women. There isn't one defined caused for this type of intolerance. One theory is that women are thought to be homemakers and housewives. When women break
Misogyny (noun) is the hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women. Thank...
Before using it, a definition: it refers to hatred of, or prejudice against women. A person who is one is a misogynist. And now, a sentence: Many of the first women lawyers encountered
Not being a butt-head but Go to wikipedia and type in misogyny and it well give you the full definition.... But it is just hatred towards women but look it up cause it goes more in
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The opposite for the term misogyny is philogyny. While misogyny is the hatred of women, philogyny is liking, love, or admiration towards women. This is the fact ...
Examples of misogyny includes; the use of derogatory language by Eminem in his album the Eminem show . Another example of misogyny is in some companies where few ...
Misogyny is the dislike or general hatred of women. This is a psychological condition that can be treated by a psychiatrist. Some of the causes include a man being ...
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