What is modus operandi?


Modus Operandi is a Latin phrase. This phrase means mode of operating. It often refers to the way someone operates. How they do things all the time would be their modus operandi.
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mo·dus op·e·ran·di
[moh-duhs op-uh-ran-dee, -dahy; Latin moh-doos oh-pe-rahn-dee]
mode of operating or working.
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A modus operandi is the way a person does something. That term is often associated with criminology. It describes the distinctive characteristics of specific criminals, and can be used to link one criminal to more than one crime.
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Modus operandi is a Latin phrase that roughly means, in English, method of operation. Method of operation, or M. O., as it is better known, is a term used especially in law enforcement
If a burglar finds that a certain technique in breaking into a house is effective (he does the "job" without being caught) then he has no reason to change it. In addition,
it is still unexplained.
The modus operandi literally means the way of operating or fashion. The
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The term 'modus operandi' refers to technique of operating or functioning. It can also be described as a person's manner of working. It is a method of procedure; ...
Modus operandi is a Latin term. It's meaning is basically 'mode of operating'. That would be like someones usual way of doing something. The police use this term ...
Modus operandi is a Latin word which means a way or manner of behaving or doing something that is characteristic of a person or group. M.O, as it is frequently ...
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