Monsoon Rain?


Monsoon rain is heavy rain that occurs in some parts of the world. It is seasonal and is caused by cyclic air movements. This is especially the case, if a mass of land is near an ocean.
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Monsoon rain is a geographical phenomenon caused by cyclic air movements changing with the time of year. To work well, a large land mass needs to be close to a large ocean. Monsoon rain is seasonal and occurs in certain regions of the Earth, India being one of the best known examples.
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Because_there_is_so_much_moisture_in_the_air,it_cannot_hold_it.This_means_that_there_is_so_much_rain.It_is_also_part_of_altitude! " Because there is so much moisture in the air
The word "monsoon" is derived from the Arabic word "mausim, which means "season. Fittingly, it refers to the seasonal winds created each year during the summer
The monsoon rains in South Asia, as the precipitation wave
I guess you mean to ask about the period from June to September every year when a major portion of the Indian Sub-continent receives rainfall. The southwest summer monsoon wind is
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