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The planet Neptune is approximately 4503443661 kilometres from the sun. Neptune, which is named after the Roman god of the sea, is the eighth planet from the sun and is outermost planet in the solar system.
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Neptune is the furthest planet from the sun after Pluto, at a distance of about 4.5 billion kilometres. Sometimes it is further away from the sun than Pluto, but this is due to Pluto’s erratic orbit. Neptune takes about 165 earth years to complete a rotation around the sun, owing to its distance from the sun.
Neptune's average distance from the sun is 4,503,443,661 km. It is 4.45 billion km when closest and 4.55 billion km when farthest, as it follows an elliptical orbit. It orbits the sun in 165 years and it has eight moons.
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Neptune is the eighth farthest planet from our Sun and, on average, is a staggering 2,795,000,000 miles from the star that supports life here on Earth. Neptune has an oval shaped
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It varies because it has an elliptical orbit, but the average distance
The distance from Neptune to the sun varies depending on where it is in its orbit. The average distance is 4,503 billion kilometers away.
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