Examples of Netiquette?


Netiquette is short for Internet etiquette. Netiquette are a set of social guidelines, that one should practice when using the internet.
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[net-i-kit, ‐ket]
the rules of etiquette that apply when communicating over computer networks, especially the Internet.
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Etiquette is the practise of good manners - being polite and helpful, being kind and not aggressive, being mindful of the fact that others may see things differently than oneself.
Your mood is often reflected in your writing, and when you are in a bad mood emails can come across as offensive. The best preventive measure is to read the email before sending it,
It is like the different ways to be polite on the internet. It is a take on the word etiquette. Etiquette: Socially correct behavior: decorum, good form, manner Netiquette is the
Netiquette is like Etiquette or the way to behave properly ie a "code of conduct". The word is a shortened form of Network Etiquette. Just like we humans have ways to act
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