Ogham is an early medieval alphabet used to write the Old Irish language, and occasionally the Brythonic language. It said that this type of alphabet evolved from a system of tallies used for accounting. Ogham is also known as Celtic Tree Alphabet.
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[og-uhm, aw-guhm]
an alphabetical script used originally for inscriptions in an archaic form of Irish, from about the 5th to the 10th centuries.
any of the 20 characters of this script, each consisting of one or more strokes for consonants and of notches for vowels cut across or upon a central line on a stone or piece of wood.
an inscription employing this script.
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The word Ogham refers to a writing pattern of Irish origin. The Ogham alphabet originated in Ireland in the 4th century AD, and the letters mainly consists of different variations of lines drawn diagonally or vertically, and in parallel. This alphabet was mostly used for stone inscription.
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Ogham. is a form of alphabet used in ancient times in Ireland and Britain. It consisted of various groups of parallel lines cut into the edge of a stone, with the combinations making
or og·am (ŏg'əm, ō'əm) n. An alphabetic system of inscribed notches for vowels and lines for consonants used to write Old Irish, chiefly on the edges of
Ogham is an alphabetic system of inscribed notches for vowels and lines for consonants
The Ogham alphabet. About 500 Ogham inscriptions have been found in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and the Isle of Man dating from between the 4th and 7th centuries AD. There are
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