What Is Rain Harvesting?


Rain water harvesting is the method of collecting rain water from roofs and catchments areas and then storing it in cistern in order to save it for future use. It is also a method of collecting rainwater from where it falls rather than allowing it to drain away.
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Rain harvesting is a technology used for collecting and storing rainwater from rooftops, the land surface.
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1. Hang an umbrella upside down from your balcony if your entire balcony is covered. Choose an umbrella with a hook at the handle that can be affixed to the railing or grate on your
Rain water harvesting refers to the act of ensuring that the rain water gets perculated into the soil rather than flow off.This may be implemented in several ways.The rain water from
1. Plan to harvest some or all of the water which drains off of your roof. Understand where the downspouts will be, and place an underground cistern in such a way as to be able to
rain water harvesting means conserving rain water.when rain falls on earth,it is collected in special tanks having layers of sands, gravel and stones etc. which filterate the rain
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The first standardized rain gauge was invented by Prince Munjong and King Sejong of Korea in 1441. It was used as a means to help measure farmers' potential harvest ...
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