What Is Sinamay?


Sinamay is a type of natural fibre that is made from a plant called musa textilis found in the Philippines. Sinamay is usually dyed and stiffened, and is mainly used for the production of hats, fascinators and other clothing accessories.
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Sinamay is a fabric made from banana plants fibre. It is used for making hats and crafts.
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1. Wash your sinamay garment or fabric, removing any starches, coatings or other additives that could interfere with even dyeing. Do not use fabric softener, which coats fabrics for
sinamay is a rubber made in china town. Its long enough to fit things but need to be blown up. Its grows in abundance in May..teh rubber tree. and the liquid is used to make the rubber
Here are some sources: http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=sinamay... Suggest you go to a craft store and ask for "raffia", then make them
Sinamay, also known as Manila hemp, is crafted by hand from fibres of the abaca tree, a type of banana tree found most commonly in the Philippines. As a natural cellulose fibre, it
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